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 GM HELP!!! I LOST 5B and now money becomes negative!!

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PostSubject: GM HELP!!! I LOST 5B and now money becomes negative!!   Fri Jun 06, 2008 6:21 pm

Argh, roar, rawr scratch Evil or Very Mad Twisted Evil Mad

GM please help me! I remember you mention that not to carry more than 2.147billion as thats the maxium amount of messos one can carry in godms. i listened and decided to store in my storage before i go and get more messos. It worked perfectly fine and i went on to earn more messos. I came back with around 1billion and when i took out my cash, to my horror, all my 2.147billion was gone!! wt freak. i realise it is my mistake as i couldn't have more than 2.147 billion.

So then i on, i went on with life and continue to earn back my money. i stored another 1+ billion in before i continue training. I came back to my storage with around 2billion and decided to store in the bank before it reach 2.147billion again. and this time, my storage turns negative!! i have completely no idea why it turned to be negative when apparently, there is no cap to the amount of money you can have in your storage. all my hard-earn money over the past few hours just disappeared like that, and i promise to get the money for my illbi. can gm please help me in this matter, and give back my well-deserved messos please? thanks

pathetically raped, stripped, bankrupt
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GM HELP!!! I LOST 5B and now money becomes negative!!
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