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 amazing amount of disconnections.

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amazing amount of disconnections. Empty
PostSubject: amazing amount of disconnections.   amazing amount of disconnections. I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 02, 2008 5:07 pm

recently ive been encountering many instances of being dc-ed suddenly, whats more is that its occuring 5-8 times every 5 mins. i would like to ask why the server is so unstable. or maybe this only occurs to me and so why does it happen?

i hope this problem would be solved as even if GM adds all the boss into the server, how would we be able to carry out boss runs if our party member DC every min or so? we can't even do a boss run properly. even if we managed to bear the amazing amount of DCs happening to us, the closest we got to getting zakum down was till the 2nd body (reaching the 3rd body soon), and GM had to close the server at such a prosperous timing eh.

therefore i kindly suggest the GM might want to look into the problem and provide a better gaming experience to the huge amount of players in the server. (this is also the reason why u guys added the bosses into the server eh? )
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amazing amount of disconnections.
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